Specialising in the support of education
and research in the behavioural sciences

About Us

Psyal is oriented towards offering products and services to the psychology community to facilitate education and academic research, additionally we have a history of working with engineers, artists, market researchers and the media on a wide range of projects. While most work is on an individual consultancy basis, we are also able supply a range of commonly used hardware for psychology research.

We maintain a policy of openness and, where possible, will always make available file formats and communications protocols, application programming interfaces or programming libraries for our products to allow clients to develop their own applications in house.

We offer a number of specialist areas of consultation including:

  • Custom design of fMRI compatible systems for psychological research
  • Biosignal acquisition hardware and signal processing, including EEG, EDA, PPG and ECG
  • Hardware and software for pain research, including thermal and electrical stimulation
  • Eye movement and blink detection and analysis
  • Experiments involving presentation of calibrated colour stimuli
  • True random number generation
  • Infrasound generation
  • Transducers, software and drive units for tactile and vibrostimulation studies

We are always open to the new challenges presented by the requirements of research, so please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to assist.