Specialising in the support of education
and research in the behavioural sciences

Bespoke Software

We are able to offer a specialised programming service for the development of custom software for administering experiments, data formatting and analysis, including interfacing with existent client hardware, as well as with custom designed hardware. Our programming service includes thorough testing of software performance and timing, critical when collecting response time data, or interfacing with many different types of stimulus presentation.

Our wide ranging experience of writing experiments includes:

  • Presentation of video, still images and sounds with high timing precision
  • Integration with specialist hardware such as TMS machines, EEG systems and MRI scanners
  • Calibrated colour
  • Multiple monitor and 3D visual presentation
  • Eye movement based studies including gaze contingent paradigms
  • Both real-time and off line signal processing such as filtering, FFT and statistical analysis
  • Studies involving music and acquisition of MIDI signals
  • Application of artificial intelligence techniques such as neural nets, fuzzy logic and genetic algorithms

Please contact us with your requirements and we will be happy to discuss possible solutions