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Joystick-Operated Runway Task

A force-sensing joystick apparatus and associated software designed to administer runway type tasks for humans, a parallel to the traditional rodent task. The apparatus consists of a metal framework connecting a stool and force sensing joystick, together with a data projector and computer system to display a vertical runway. The runway display is controlled in real-time by the participants force input to the joystick to give a realistic feeling of motion. A number of trial types are available including force calibration, hardware and stimulus calibration, and threat and conflict phases, with and without the presentation of white noise pulses, or other aversive stimuli. Threat phases are characterized by single targets in pursuit of the participant controlled graphic, while conflict phases consist of pairs of targets in pursuit of the participant controlled graphic.

PH-JS1 Joystick-Operated Runway Task
The PH-JS1 hardware is of heavy construction and able to test subjects able to apply up to 500N force to the joystick, and able to sample the subjects force input up to 100 times a second giving a very smooth and realistic response. All data is logged in an open format for easy import into popular spreadsheet and statistical analysis software. The researcher is free to control the various parameters of the trials through an easy to use interface.

System includes:
Joystick with integrated seat and force transducer
Host computer
Data projector
Task software
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