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MRI compatible force measurement

Designed for use in the MRI testing environment this is a pressure sensitive device for continuous recording of participant force responses. The device consists of a high quality rubber bulb held in the hand that may be squeezed to indicate level of response, being pneumatic and free of ferrous material it is safe for use in the scanner room. Located outside of the scanner suite a pressure sensor is connected to the bulb via 4mm plastic tubing through the room wave guide, this sensor digitises the pressure from the squeeze bulb for recording to PC.

The supplied software allows synchronous recording of the parallel port, keyboard and joystick port to allow interface to scanner hardware and other devices. The pressure sensor uses standard 4mm pneumatic quick fit connectors and is available in 1, 2, 4, and 8 port versions. The standard unit has a maximum recording pressure of 100kPa which should be suitable for most applications, please enquire regarding other pressure ranges and port configurations.


MRI pressure sensor
Sample rate: 100Hz
Resolution: Better than 50 Pascals
Full scale deflection: 100kPa (approx 14.5psi)
Power: From host computer
Interface: Serial port or USB
Image for illustrative purposes only, please refer to product description

Please email info@psyal.co.uk for further technical information.


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