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Random Number Generators

True random number generators and often used in parapsychology labs, but also have applications in simulation, modelling and cryptography.

Our hardware random number generator (RNG) is capable of generating true random number streams at rates of up to 128000 bits per second. This device is based on the noise generated across a reversed biased semiconductor junction, this noise is then amplified and converted into a digital signal. This signal is then processed to render it uniformly distributed then passed to the host PC via the serial communications port, or USB port.

The device is powered by the host port so no additional power supply or batteries are needed. Software is supplied to log the data stream and can synchronously log TTL pulses on the parallel port so that it can be easily interfaced with experiments. A dynamic link library is available to enable the programmer to interface directly to the RNG. Each RNG is tested for at least 30 hours before being passed. A CD of the test data is supplied with every RNG. We can also supply C++ and MatLab script examples to help speed integration.


Hardware RNG
Bit rate: Up to 128000 bits per second
Power: From host computer
Interface: Serial port or USB
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